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Synthesis of 4-substituted methylidene oxindoles
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Spectroscopic Method
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27th June 2012 @ 22:09
Single-crystal X-ray diffraction analyses were performed using a Bruker APEXII CCD diffractometer mounted at the window of a Bruker FR591 rotating anode (MoKα = 0.71073 Å) and equipped with an Oxford Cryosystems cryostream device. Data were processed using the Collect package and unit cell parameters were refined against all data. An empirical absorption correction was carried out using SADABS . The structures were solved by direct methods using SHELXS-97 and refined on Fo2 by full-matrix least-squares refinements using SHELXL-97. All non-hydrogen atoms were refined with anisotropic displacement parameters. All hydrogen atoms were added at calculated positions and refined using a riding model with isotropic displacement parameters based on the equivalent isotropic displacement parameter (Ueq) of the parent atom. Figures were produced using OLEX2