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8th May 2013 @ 06:39
Resolution of MNR26-7 with (-)-dibenzoyl-L-tartaric acid [url=](MNR6-1)[/url] to obtain MNR27-26 Starting material from [blog]6848[/blog] [blog]2289[/blog] [b]Hazard and Risk Assessment:[/b] As for [url=]MNR2-1[/url] MNR26-7 (0.030 g, 0.11 mmol) and [url=](-)-dibenzoyl-L-tartaric acid. 2IPA[/url] (0.05 g, 0.11 mmol) was dissolved in a isopropanol (2.5 mL). MNR27-27 - nothing else added MNR27-28 - water (0.5 mL) sdded MNR27-29 - water (0.25 mL) added The reagents went into solution with minimal heating and we left to stand, sealed, at room temperature overnight.