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14th September 2012 @ 07:21
Aim repeat of the previous reaction but switching the temperatures. MNR46-11, 10 mol% Yb at reflux MNR46-11, stoichiometric Yb at room temperature [b]Hazard Assessment[/b] [data]4992[/data] [b]Procedure[/b] To a solution of KAB22-1 (1eq) in HPLC grade acetonitrile (0.03 M) under argon at 0 °C , was added was added acetyl chloride (1.8 eqs), lutidine (1.4 eqs) and Yb(OTf)3 (0.1-1 eqs). The reaction was then stirred at room temperature or at reflux and aliquots taken at noted time intervals for LC analysis. Sample were taken up to 5 hours then the reaction were left overnight. As shown in MNR46-10, both reactions showed decrease in product over time. [data]5111[/data] All reactions quenched on Friday afternoon and TLC only showed traces in 9 and 11. No product visible in reactions containing 100mol%
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