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5th June 2012 @ 09:59
Scale up of MNR11-16 [blog]5894[/blog] [b]Hazard and Risk Assessment:[/b] [data]1430[/data] [b]Procedure:[/b] To a solution of MNR8-5 (8.30 g, 17.87 mmol) in toluene (60 mL) at room temperature was added methanesulfonic acid (2.49 mL, 38.41 mmol) and the mixture was refluxed for 30 minutes. The reaction was quenched with saturated sodium carbonate and extracted with EtOAc (50 mL x 3). The organic fractions were dried over magnesium sulfate, filtered and concentrated under reduced pressure to give the crude as a thick orange oil. Crude - 7.071 g, 106 % - still contains toluene [data]4410[/data]
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