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1st July 2009 @ 09:12
Experiment: Reaction_of_X_and_Y
Lab Book-Expt. Code: 1111-001
Date Of Experiment: 29.06.09
Procedural Step: Monitoring_-_TLC
Post Type: Monitoring
Monitoring Type: TLC
A TLC was run
Plate type: Silica
Eluent type: 95:5 DCM:MeOH.

*** Image Place Holder ***

What Spotted (L-R):-starting material, mixed spot, reaction

Spot (no. from bottom) Height (mm) Rf Visible Short Wave UV Long Wave UV Dip Type Dip Result Inference
Solvent Front281N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
3260.93yesN/AorangeN/AN/Astarting material
2100.36yes - v. feintN/AblueN/AN/Adecomposition? contaminant?

Conclusions: no starting material left, reaction gone to completion

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