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31st May 2012 @ 05:18
Repeat of MNR35-2 on a 900 mg scale

Repeat Preparation of MNR35-2 - Step 2 in the alternative route to MNR26



Hazard and Risk Assessment:


To a solution of MNR34-2 (0.900 g, 3.49 mmol) in toluene (35 ml) was added 2,2-Diethoxyethylamine (0.86 mL, 6.98 mmol), and the mixture was heated to reflux for 2 hours during which time the reaction mixture turned from clear to yellow. The reaction was then allowed to cool to room temperature then cooled in an icebath. Again, as before, nothing crashed out so the mixture was concentrated and left in the freezer over the weekend.

Column 0-10% MeOH/EtOAc+0.1%TEA
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